Features that makes KeeKoo different!

On KeeKoo, we have brought together the bests for the ultimate user experience


Full time (24-7) Accessibility & Support

KeeKoo is available at any time and anywhere in the world


User Friendly & Fully Functional

KeeKoo has been designed in a way that provides you with a comfortable and enjoyable user experience


Global Coverage of Persian Businesses & Services

The largest and most extensive range of Iranian businesses can be accessed anywhere in the world through KeeKoo.


Full Business Scope

An extended range of businesses and services are offered on KeeKoo


How it works - 3 easy steps

KeeKoo App has an attractive and user-friendly environment;
Users and business owners can use it easily.

  • Create an account

    Just log in to the App using your email or mobile number and then enter the activation code


  • Search in businesses/services

    Specify your desired country/city and choose the service or job you want in the list of categories.


  • Register your business/service

    If you want to register your job or service in KeeKoo, just click on the + and enter the information of your business or service. It will be shown in the App after being checked by the support team.



What our customer say

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of your most frequently asked questions answered.
If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

KeeKoo application can be run on all mobile devices with Android(version 6.0 and above) and iOS operating systems (version 7.0 and above).

There are different tariffs for advertising on KeeKoo, depending on the type and way of displaying the ad. For more information, refer to the Advertising section on the website or contact us at [email protected].

KeeKoo can be used and is accessible in all countries of the world.

Business owners and service providers can register their businesses or services for free in KeeKoo. Users can also register and use KeeKoo for free.

Any service and business in all fields can be offered to users in the KeeKoo application. The complete list (which is updated every day/time) can be seen in the Category section.

Not only Persians/Iranians, but all those who are interested in Persian culture or want to benefit from services and businesses related to this culture can use KeeKoo application.

The main audience and users of KeeKoo are the Persian/Iranian community or those interested in Persian culture around the world.

Our missions are (i) creating a stable communication bridge between Persian business owners and users; (ii) introducing Persian culture/businesses/services to people around the world.<br /> Our vision is &quot;creating the largest virtual network of Persians consisting of ordinary people and business owners in the whole world&quot;.<br /> &nbsp;

Considering the size of the Persian/Iranian immigrant community (ordinary people or business owners) as well as the special and rich culture of Persians, we designed and implemented the KeeKoo application with the aim of facilitating communication between Persians/Iranians and better introducing the Persian culture